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I remember the exact moment when I decided that one day I would become a Yoga Instructor.

I was 21 years old, deeply immersed in meditation during a Restorative Yoga class and a very simple thought came to me: “If I could share this with others that would be enough.” Four years later, I am living my dream . . .

I opened Yoga Dreams, LLC in May 2008 to support my vision and become a teacher. Yoga Dreams offers the opportunity to live the life I’ve dreamed and fulfill my mission to share and practice Yoga with people of all ages.

At this stage, Yoga Dreams, is just beginning to blossom, presently representing the foundation for what will in the coming years become my own studio in Northern California where I was raised. For me, Yoga is not simply a profession, but a lifestyle.

As a lifelong athlete, first learning to ski, swim, and play soccer by age 4I understand the dedication to a team environment, physical activity, and being committed to a healthy way of life. I continued with my athletics enjoying 10 years of competing nationally with my Club Volleyball Teams, placing top 5 in the nation 3 years in a row, culminating with one year of collegiate play at Duke University. I graduated from Duke with a Degree in Earth and Ocean Sciences in 2005 and moved to Santa Barbara following commencement ceremonies to begin my journey to becoming a Yoga Instructor.

The tradition of Yoga dates back thousands of years: rich with history, philosophy, and a variety of styles and approaches. I believe that no matter the style or the asanas practiced that love is the most prominent and most important aspect of any class. I seek to provide a space for students to open themselves to their inner-wisdom, to love, and to understanding so that they may lead more fulfilling and peaceful lives. The physical aspects and health benefits of Yoga continue to intrigue and amaze me, daily reaffirming my commitment to this incredible practice.

Maureen in Panama Sunrise
Maureen in Panama Sunrise